About this Blog…

A little about me…

There is a girl who explores new lands, gets exposed to deadly diseases, fights off dark lords and gets caught up in epic love triangles, with never having to leave her room. How? Well, she holds the most powerful objects in the world…books. Oh, but who is this amazing girl who can wield these powerful objects? The answer to that question is me. Hello, my name is Kat. I really love reading, as you can tell by my introduction.

I started this blog so I could rant and talk about books that I absolutely adore, books that I hate with burning fiery passion, and everything in between.

I have loved to read since I was a little kid. I was one of I think ten to fifteen kids in my elementary school to get 1000 points in AR (Accelerated Reading, if you don’t know what this is then you do not know how boss I really am). I read all the time. Books are my most favorite thing in the world. I love how they can open you up to new things and can let you escape from reality.

A little about this blog…

I am starting this blog with the intention of writing a review about any book I read. I would love for people to comment their opinions on aspects of the book. I may ask questions in my blog posts and I would love for those to be answered. I may post lists of my favorite books of the year, TBR of the month, life events post, etc. I really want people to enjoy my blog so if you are reading this hit the follow me button. Thank you all so much for looking at my blog ❤

I am a book junkie and these are my books.


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