The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: I am so sad it ended…



Look at this little screen grab I found online!


Scene from the last episode

Okay so let me just say how much I loved this show. It was powerful. It dealt heavily on race issues and it had the hottest man on earth, Sebastian Stan, rocking the vibranium arm.

This series really had me going through it. I wish I had not watched it with my roommates because I was unable to cry like I wanted to.

The end was really touching with Sam’s speech to the Senator. I thought it was such an iconic moment and Marvel really did that. I kept thinking wow, this is really in a Marvel movie. How exciting for the new generation of kids who are growing up watching this. I think this is signaling a turn of a new age for Marvel movies.

Bucky Barnes was hot as always in this last episode. He looked amazing. I thought he was going to catch that truck that was falling off the building with his arm. Alas that did not happen, but how epic would that have been?

Bucky Barnes looking drool worthy

Sam was amazing in this movie. Captain America is now Black. This is opening up the door for so many things. Anthony Mackie portrays the character so well. He really fits the part. I will have to say the new suit is a little ridiculous because I do not like the neck thing and I wanted to laugh about how his little ears were poking out the whole time.

Sam looking good as always

I am glad to see Caps legacy live on through Sam. I think this is exactly what Steve Rogers would have wanted.

And we love to see the representation!

John Walker can go die. He is still making weird choices. I am glad he got that little redemption arc, but he is working with that purple haired lady which can mean nothing good.

I wanted Zemo to come back at the end. Technically, he did. But, I wanted him to come and fight.

Zemo looking spicy

This last episode seemed a little rushed. They put a lot of action in this one episode but not a lot of questions were answered. A lot of things just seemed to easily covered over.

I knew who the powerbroker was from the moment Sharon made the phone call in like episode 3 or whatever. I was so hyped to have my suspicions confirmed but I thought that Bucky and Sam would have found out.

Anyways, I love Marvel so much and this show is no different. I think it was great and I cant wait to see where their story progresses.

As always, thanks for reading,

A Bookie

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