Life Update: Cause I didn’t know what else to write about…

SO, this week has been pretty boring for me.

It is spring break for my school, but because of the pandemic, I stayed at my apartment.

I am basically doing a Marvel movie marathon.

I am watching them all in release date order, which I have never done before, and it is pretty fun. but, the week has left me with little time to read, hence the small amount of posts.

I got straight As in all of my classes this last quarter. I think this was one of the hardest quarters I have had. The classes were so boring and online school is really testing my patience. Thank god we are almost done with that.

I have been doing a lot of research into when I can get my vaccine. I want it so badly. My co-workers and I are planning on starting hot yoga once we all get the vaccines.

I am excited for next quarter which will start on Tuesday. I just paid for my last textbook and for my tuition. After this, I am going to just peruse my courses that are uploaded on Canvas.

I have 200 pages left to go in the Throne of Glass series. I am super excited about finishing it. I have not had this strong of a connection with a series since I read The Maze Runner or Harry Potter. I am just ready for it to be done but sad to see it go.

I did not have a lot to update you guys on but I needed something to post for this week. So hope you had a good time with this tiny post.

As always, thanks for reading,

A Bookie

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