My new favorite website. Trust me you will love it!


It is Monday night and I did not write anything for Monday. But, I have this great website I wanted to share with you guys so I will make this a quick post for Monday.

It is called

It is literally my favorite website.

So basically, it takes a whole bunch of white noise sounds and compiles them so users can create their very own atmosphere. I found it on TikTok a few days ago and it changed my life.

In other words, you can be vibing, doing homework in your room but transported to the Ravenclaw Common Room. Or you can be listening to the haunting but serene sounds of the Torre Cesme Library. Or, my all-time favorite, Celeana’s Bedroom.


and if you can’t find it…..


I have not tried the making sound feature. It is too hard. Like literally I can’t figure it out but I only tried for one minute and then got bored.


This website is the best. I told my friend about it and I got roasted for listening to a Hogwarts library audio while in our school’s dining hall.

Hey, it was better than listening to the guy five tables down complaining about wearing his mask.

Anyways, I hope someone else thinks this website is as cool as I thought it was. I am literally addicted and I listen to everything I can. I like to listen to a playlist about the books I am reading so that I feel as though I am in the story more.

So, that was my quick Monday night post. Sorry for it being late and sorry for it being short. I was lazy, okay? We all should know this about me by now.

As always, thank you for reading,

A Bookie

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  1. I’ve been checking out the site and I agree – it’s amazing! Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be scrolling through the samples for a long time.

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