I need to see more bloggers my age

So, I am having a difficult time.

Every time I go onto my reader, I see a lot of sappy romance novel reviews and an unnecessary amount of children’s books.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think that these are bad topics. I think that everyone has their niche. My niche is writing book reviews about books that were published years ago so I get no clout. But, I want to READ reviews and such by people my age and who are interested in the same things.

I am following people who do post that but it is usually drowned out by the stuff I listed above. But, I do not want to unfollow these people who post sappy romance novels or children’s books because I know how hard it is to get followers and a lot of them have good content. I just don’t read them. They are more than likely (and I am sorry if I offend anyone) quite a few years older than me and do not read YA novels as much as I do. All these people I follow, which I follow a lot, post loads about books I don’t want to read or are not in my genre interest. But, I followed because I liked them at a time or they liked a post of mine and I checked out their stuff and I liked it.

Now, there are loads of people I followed like Taking on a World of Worlds and Bookiedote that I never see. So I have two dilemmas.

One, do I unfollow the other accounts that I do not want to see?

If it does not look like it is talking about something I want to read, I usually skip them. I don’t even click on them. I want to be more engaging but I am scrolling through the reader seeing all these things about things I, frankly, do not care about (sorry everyone this is about. it isn’t you, it is me). When I am doing this, I do not want to read anymore. Like the other day, I read a stacking the shelves and the person added like ten children’s books to their shelf. Good for them but I do not want to see it. I don’t want to unfollow because I don’t want to hurt people’s follower count but I don’t want to see it. What do I do? Is it rude to unfollow even when I don’t look at their stuff anyways?


I think it is because I usually am just reading through my reader, but I am having such a hard time finding people my age on here. Like, without telling you guys my exact age so creeps don’t get weird, I am between 18-25. I want people who are like me. I want fellow Maas and Rowling fanatics in my reader. And I know to go through tags and stuff. So I got that going for me. But, if there are any people in that age range reading this, whose blog do you follow? Can anyone just shout some people out in the comments? I am just so bored with WordPress.

Anyways, I hope this did not offend anyone. Everyone’s hustle is great. I am just a picky person. I am by no means a good blogger. I am about to post a review for Tower of Dawn which came out YEARS ago. So, it is okay to post whatever.

As always, thanks for reading,

A Bookie

*image cred: https://ww2.kqed.org/app/uploads/sites/43/2019/12/many-old-books-stacked-in-texture-picture-id1074590734-800×450.jpg

2 thoughts on “I need to see more bloggers my age”

  1. Hi! Yes I agree everyone has their own niche. I’m not a daily writer, but I do write book reviews or read enough books, just keeping up with life nowadays and I do hope I’ll be back on wordpress soon. And yes I’m of your age. We can be good book friends.

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