A SERIOUS Life Update: A Year of Adventure

Since I last posted (not counting yesterday), a whole lot of things have happened. Like a whole lot. I have experienced some of the craziest things in my life since January 3rd 2019. I have had so many crazy experiences but I am going to sum them all up quickly for you guys.

If you are a loyal follower, you know that I have had a hard time being on this blog and I dissappear for a while. But now I am back and have a bit more time on my plate then the last time I talked to you all. So let’s try this blog thing again, by talking about my life since we last talked.

Accepted Admission to college

I finally accepted admission to my dream school. I also attended an orientation day and bought a WHOLE lot of swag from the store. I got everything I needed ready and began saving my money for school.


I went to prom with my yearbook friends. They were the some of the bestest friends I had in high school. I went with a guy friend from my work. I had one of the best nights of my life and I loved every moment of that night.


I graduated from my high school and began my life as an adult. Graduation was surreal. I honestly cant believe that I actually graduated. High school was crazy to me. I stayed in the same school district my entire life so I graduated with people I have known since I was 5. It was crazy seeing these people walk across the stage. It was crazy for me to say that I graduated and that I walked that stage. I made it through high school. I have never been more proud of myself.

Grad Party

I had an epic grad party. My mom put together this amazing party at our house. A whole lot of family came and all of my friends came and that was crazy. I had the best time and it was one of the best day sof my life. I will never forget everyone who came and supported me. I loved it so much.

Said goodbye to my teams

I said goodbye to my high school equestrian team and I attended my last county and state fair for 4-H. I spent most of my life in these programs and I was really sad to see it go. I will always appreciate those experiences I had because they taught me so much.

Went to New York

I went on a week vacation to New York with my Grandma. We went everywhere in Manhattan. I have fallen even more in love with the city that I ever was. I went to all these cute little and big book stores. I also went to see Wicked, The Lion King, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which only reaffirmed my love for this book depsite everyone else’s hate on it). All of these shows I cried at. They were the best shows I have ever seen. I appreicate my Grandmother so much for letting me experience this amazing place.

Went to college

And for the last event, I went to college!!! I went with one of my best friends. He and I are fighting through college together. It is alreayd a wild ride and I have not even finihsed one quarter yet. I love this place so much and I am excited to explore my major. I have alreayd declared my major which is Digitial Journalism.

Thank you for reading about my crazy life. There were so many other thi gs that happened to me this year that I just dont have the room to include in this.

Anyways thank you for your patience and being so supportive. Love yall.

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