Me Before You

155079581Author: Jojo Moyes

Series: Me Before You #1

Published on December 31st 2012 by Pamela Dorman Books/Vikings

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 369

“Louisa Clark is an ordinary young woman living an exceedingly ordinary life—steady boyfriend, close family—who has never been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for ex-Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair-bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge life—big deals, extreme sports, worldwide travel—and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he is.

Will is acerbic, moody, bossy—but Lou refuses to treat him with kid gloves, and soon his happiness means more to her than she expected. When she learns that Will has shocking plans of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still worth living.

A love story for this generation, Me Before You brings to life two people who couldn’t have less in common—a heartbreakingly romantic novel that asks, What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart?” -Goodreads


Whoa, whoa, whoa

Is a book allowed to make me cry this much?

I don’t think this is legal, Jojo.

After years and years of hearing raving reviews of this book, I have finally read the book.

And let me just say…


This book is amazing. It was heartbreaking. It was soul wrenching. It was an AMAZING audio book. I was crying huge tears in my car at the end. I showed up to school all puffy eyed and sad because of this book. It was amazing.

Not many books can kick me in my feelings but let me just say, this book did it. This is one of my all time favorite books now. I would recommend this to ANYONE.

This book is a romance story. As many of you all know it is about a quadriplegic man in a wheelchair and a girl who gets hired to take care of him. The love is doomed however when Lou, the girl, finds out a horrible secret. And even though I am sure most of you reading this have already read this book, I am a spoiler free blog so I will not spill any secrets. But I will say that their love story is to die for ;). Lou and Will deserved better. They were the best couple in the history of doomed romances.

The story was a great story. Beautifully told by the wonderful Jojo Moyes. She wrote a unique and amazingly detailed story. I love authors manipulating me and tugging my heart strings and this is what she did! She made the experience so vivid and so real. The book was so excellent that I was leaving places early and sitting outside just to listen to more of it. I had it in my overdrive app so I would walk around listening to it on my headphones. It was captivating.

For you un-romantics out there this book has way less romance then I would like. It is more of a focus on their lives and the way they have changed it for each other and how life changes unexpectedly. So if you hate romance don’t be afraid to read it because it isn’t always shoving the romance in your face. Then again there was enough for me to board the ship that is Lou and Will.

Anyways, I have not much else to say about this book. I apologize about it being short. Thank you for reading my blog. I am still trying to get back to my normal blogging self after this almost year long break so thank you for being patient. And if you are new please don’t judge, I swear I will get better. Just getting back into the swing of things.

Star rating: 4.5

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