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This weeks question is:

How do you feel about books with multiple narrators?

I actually really like books with multiple narrators. Some books have every chapter there is a new character which is the easiest way o read them like in the Doon series. It makes it really easy that the narrator’s name is the kind of title if you will of the chapter. I find that super easy. I have read books just like that though and it was still super confusing but I think that was just because the story was confusing and the main characters were all so related and went through almost the same thing it was hard to tell them apart.

Other books like the Throne of glass books split mid-chapter which ca get really confusing but Sarah J. Maas makes it super easy to tell who is talking hen and where and I feel like she does a really good job of keeping her stories pretty clear but intense. Other stories I have read with the switching mid-chapter were terrible and they it makes it clear who it was until like the next page so I was always cnfused. I wish I could remember which book I am talking about so you guys could stay clear but I can’t think of them.

When an author does the multiple narrators thing well I agree with it full heartedly. I love seeing other people’s perspective. I hate other books where you are left wondering what is happening in the other characters minds. When it is done badly though I think books are better without it. I absoulutely hate it when they are too confusing or not organied. It just really bugs me especially when a story has good potential. Thankfully I haven’t really read too may book with bad narrations.

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  1. The best of this recently for me was “The Sun is Also a Star” which I read because of your review, very well done. As a “listener” it is imperative that it is read VERY well by the author or…that different voices are used like “Sun” In Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of time” series there are two readers that read the male and female characters and it works very well. Another series that I have enjoyed listening to is “Outlander” it goes from first person to third person so not really different characters but the reader is OUTSTANDING so it really works…and that reminds me, you listened to “Bartimaeus” right? that was also first person and third person with a WONDERFUL reader that made it work very well. I am sure there are more, I do like getting in the heads of more than one person in a story. It gives depth.

    1. I dont listen to audio books regularly so I dont think I have heard a multiple narrator book before. I feel like with the same reader (unless they change there voice or did something unique for each character) would get very confusing. Also I agree with you about the multiple narrations giving the story more depth.

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