Friday @ Five

“Friday 5@5 is a weekly feature hosted here on NovelKnight to wrap up the week with a fun (and short) list because we know y’all want to get on with your weekends!”-Friday @ Five

This week’s prompt:

Books that have been on your TBR the longest.

This list is super long. I have had so many books on my since I was a little kid so I am going to go as far back as my Goodreads list is and see what is on that list.

  1. The Selection


There is so much talk about how good this is and I really need to check it out for myself but I just never get around to it.

2. Divergent series


I have read Divergent but just have not gotten around to the other two.

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


I just have no gotten around to this book which I almost bought it at half price books the other day but it wasn’t the nicest copy and it was too much.

4. The Lunar Chronicles


I really really really want to read these especially since the author is from my “hometown” sorta.

5. The 5th Wave


So those are the books on my TBR. I am absolutely gonna have to read these now. I actually haven’t bought any books this month which I may just go do that right now. I hope you guys enjoy this blog post. Go check out NovelKnight’s blog (link up above) I love their blog so much. I have posted so much today and I am sorry to all my followers for it but I just want to start doing blogs every day or at least most days instead of when I have a review because it seems as thought everyone else does and I want to become better at blogging. So again I am sorry I hope you enjoy my posts.

Comment what books you want to read. Do we have the same ones? Tell me what books you are dying to read. Also, tell me if my books are good books to read.

3 thoughts on “Friday @ Five”

  1. What? I thought you read all of the Lunar Chronicles. I was going to finish the series because I thought you had recommend them…anyway they are on my list also.

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