The Fever Code

232676281Author: James Dashner

Series: Maze Runner

Published by Delacorte Press

Genres: Science Fiction

Pages: 344

“Once there was a world’s end.

The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.

Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe. Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy.

The boy’s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

Now there are secrets.

There are lies.

And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen.

This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.

All will be revealed.” -Goodreads


How do I put into words what I am feeling? This book has me for lack of better words shook. To be honest I was only gonna give this book maybe 4 stars but now I am rethinking that after the ending. I have literally just finished this book as I am writing this and still in shock over the epilogue. I don’t know why I am shocked, though. Dashner always has some big plot twist at the end of all the books in this series. They are always unexpected (mostly) and always have some jaw-dropping fact that makes me feel all sorts of emotions. The one I am feeling right now is betrayal.

With the plot twist at the end of the story, I really want to re-read the other three books just to relive what happened and see it through these new eyes. I feel like this series is this never ending cycle. I will just keep reading and reading until I die basically.

Now when you first start reading it, the story is kind of dull and not-so-entertaining. It continues on like that with parts of the story that leave you with lots of suspense (most of the times) and some type of suck-you-back-into-the-story power. As I said above I was going to give this story 4 stars maybe even less but of course James shot that idea into the ground with his award winning (or should be) epilogue.

I think for my taste the story was still a little strung out by the fact that the story started when the kids were like four years old and continued until they were 16 or 17 or whatever. Thomas had some really advanced thoughts as a four-year-old in my opinion. I know why Dashner wanted to include the perspective of Thomas’s younger self in there but I personally thought the story got choppy when he just skipped years which he did frequently all throughout the story which I guess wrapped up the Maze Runner series pretty well. As a die hard Maze Runner fan, I thought that those moments help clarify what had happened to the boys and I appreciated them but the reader in me who hates choppy stories did not really like it that much.

Being the die hard Maze Runner fan, I really enjoyed the story for a few things. One was the fact that I got to see what happened before Thomas entered the maze. I always wondered what had happened and what the boys did before Thomas got there. Another thing was that I was glad to see the friendships before the maze. I was glad to see Thomas’s friends stayed the same as they did while in the Maze. Lastly, I was happy to see the characters again. I got to see my two favorites Newt and Chuck and learn about them and how they were before the maze. Yes seeing them and some of the others made me incredibly sad for what was to come to them in the original three books but it made me so happy to have them again.

Talking about characters, I loved them. Thomas was the same as he had been throughout the stories before this book. He was still so innocent but strong and brave throughout. Even as a little four-year-old which I found kind of not believable but I will let Dashner live. Teresa was well not what I expected. I didn’t really like her as a character because she didn’t seem to have the best intentions and always seemed off to me throughout the story. Newt was amazing and he always will be. He was smart and witty and he is my one true book crush. Chuck was so cute and just this short timid kid that I loved so much. Minho and Alby were great. Everyone was great. Ugh, I am just over run with emotions about this book.

I am gonna end this here.This book was a slightly dull but fantastic end to the Maze Runner series. I am happy this series ended with the worst plot twist ever but I kind of want more but I desperately need this series to end here. I am glad Dashner has written all these books and gave us all the answers to every question I could have ever had about the Maze Runner and then some. I am happy about this ending. I am happy, a little saddened, but overall happy to bid this series farewell. I hope anyone who read the Maze Runner series reads this book and enjoys it. I hope you enjoyed this blog and thank you for reading.

Star Rating: 4.5


3 thoughts on “The Fever Code”

    1. I really really really enjoyed this story. I may be biased but I think you should read it. My mom and I watched the movie and she was confused and said she needed to read the books to get what was happening so dont let the movie deter you from reading the series. It is really good!


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