Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 

Today I went to see the newest addition to the magical world of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them.


I was severely impressed by this movie. Usually after waiting so long for a movie I usually get to hyped about the movie or book and then it’s just a basic movie but not this movie. I have been waiting to see this movie since my grandmother told me about it. I had my doubts but this movie really was amazing.

The plot was fantastic. I don’t think they incorporated the whole beasts things like I thought they would. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good movie it was a terrific movie but I don’t think it had exactly what I had been expecting. I still think everyone should see it.

The information in the movie was different than I had ever heard of the Harry Potter books. I didn’t know there were different types of Wizards but I guess Nymphadora was a metamorphmagus the books just didn’t focus on the different types.
I loved Newt Scamander. Eddie Redmayne did a fantastic job playing him. I thought Eddie was very good looking for a 34-year-old. Newt was everything I hoped he would be and more. He was just this kind hearted gentle person but at the same time a total boss. I cannot say anymore without revealing anything. He was a fantastic character.

I loved the world they brought us too. It was terrific. I think it is so cool to have something happen in America. This brought so much joy to me. I was so glad to have another installment of the world I love so much. Thank you for reading.

Star Rating: 5


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